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Guides is a mentor connection program specifically for scalable startups. The purpose of Guides is to match entrepreneurs and founders with people in the community with specific experience or specific area of expertise.


There are two categories of Guides – MENTORS and EXPERTS.


To qualify to be a MENTOR, one must be either a serial entrepreneur, a recently successful founder (business is growing), or an investor. MENTORS will be good at asking the right questions and providing guidance based on their own experiences.


To qualify as an EXPERT, one must be demonstrably licensed or experienced in a given subject or professional discipline. EXPERTS will be able to answer technical questions for startups.


We’re working on a visual database of Guides that will help identify a potential match, but for now, we’ll do it the old fashioned way – by digital hand. Request a Guide using the form below and you’ll receive email confirmation of your request, followed by an email from a Guides admin.

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