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Peoria 5G Project

The Peoria 5G project is a collaboration with a Naperville entrepreneur, misc. public works and transportation departments, and other stakeholders to lobby the major wireless carriers to build strategic 5G networks in Naperville and Peoria for the purposes of exploring early use cases and business models.

Randon Gettys of Greater Peoria EDC and Ross Miller of Bradley University have volunteered to co-chair the case-building effort. We hope to make a presentation to the carriers in late June 2018.

What Is 5G?

The term 5G is an abbreviation for the Fifth Generation of wireless mobile device connectivity. Technological advancements are developed by various participants, from hardware manufacturers like Qualcomm and Nokia to international telecom corporations; standards are governed by 3GPP.

5G promises to increase data throughput by a magnitude of 100x or more, over today’s 4G LTE broadband capabilities. 5G technologies will enable UX revolutions and represent an estimated $12 trillion in global economic opportunity.

A scaled 5G rollout will usher in the era of autonomy and robotics across a variety of industry sectors, including transportation and logistics (V2X), healthcare (remote delivery), manufacturing (IoT), and many more.  Augmented Reality applications will be ubiquitous.

Indicate Your Interest

5G use cases and business model inquiries should be directed to Randon at If your organization has a potential use case and/or the capacity to participate in R&D, please fill out the “5G Use Cases & Business Model Survey” below.

Infrastructure and hardware questions should be directed to Ross at

5G Use Cases & Business Model Survey


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