Nonprofit / Startup Initiatives

Nonprofit / Startup Initiatives are established to connect startups with the business resources they need and provide them with opportunities for growth.

Startup Greater Peoria

Program of the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council


Our work is primarily monitoring the whole entrepreneurship ecosystems and developing it. We work with all entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) in our region whose mission is explicitly – wholly or partly – to support entrepreneurs in their ventures.

Our regional initiatives include:

  • Mixer events (link to mixer content)
  • Keystart (link to keystart content)
  • The Nest Coworking (link to nest content)
  • Startup Community Slack Team (link to slack team content)
  • Guides Program (link to mentor/expert program content)

We regularly partner with our regional ESOs on programs and strategies, including the newly conceived ESO Roundtable – a group comprised of ESO professionals who will report on programs and activities, share metric and narrative successes, remediate duplicative resource expenditures and seek opportunities to collaborate.
Additionally, we hold events to engage the entire startup community and we engage in promotional efforts to raise the profiles of our regional entrepreneurs.”


Our leaders are actively involved with a national network of best-in-class entrepreneurship ecosystem builders from across the United States (and beyond). We share best practices, collect data, and actively engage with policy makers at the national level.

Turner Center for Entrepreneurship

at Bradley University

The Turner Center for Entrepreneurship is a not-for-profit program located at Bradley University. The centers which make up the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship provide business counseling, technical assistance, training, and educational activities for individuals interested in owning their own businesses. We not only work with individuals in the community, but also with students hoping to start their own businesses. We also help existing entrepreneurs and businesses who want to expand or take advantage of new opportunities and technologies, are interested in marketing their products and services internationally, or are seeking to commercialize new products and technologies.